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Z. R. September 2018

This Acupuncture clinic is the epitome of Excellence in non-traditional medicine. To say that that I am happy with the services and care from Back to Balance is an understatement. Overall, Donna is an extremely gifted and talented Acupuncturist, and has exhibited time and again her professional demeanor, friendly customer service, and true dedication to a patient’s comfort and medical needs. I am very satisfied with the care that I receive from Donna and her staff. She is by far the best pain relief provider that I have ever had. In just a few sessions, Donna has reduced the pain levels in my damaged knees, back, neck, and ankles so much; that I now enjoy a better quality of life, that I haven’t felt in years. I have also experienced better breathing, sinus pressure relief, reduced allergy symptoms, and improved sleep due to the treatments I have received. I would highly recommend this Acupuncture clinic to anyone and everyone for all of your your pain relief (and other ailments) needs. Additionally, Back to Balance is by far the best acupuncture clinic for Veterans, as VA Choice has selected Donna and her services as one of the premier Acupuncture clinics in the Santa Clarita valley. I was once skeptical of acupuncture and the reported claims of efficacy, but after receiving treatments for the past several months, I am thoroughly convinced that Donna’s acupuncture techniques and treatments are very effective, and work better than several other western medicine pain relief options (i.e. pain pills, etc.). I am a very happy customer! Thank you Donna!

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