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“…after a month of fighting pneumonia…”

I came to see Donna at Back to Balance after a month of fighting pneumonia. After a full round of antibiotics and several OTC remedies, I still had pain in my lungs and had come down with a cold on top of it. One hour in Donna’s office gave me more relief than weeks of using inhalers and decongestants.
She used a machine to take readings at different points on my hands and feet, and then used that information to customize my treatment. She also asked me questions about my general health and other issues I wanted to address, and told me how she was planning to treat them.
I’m not someone who is afraid of needles, but I still appreciated how comfortable the process was. It’s more painful to get my eyebrows threaded than this was. Donna even used a needle to activate the ‘relaxation point’ which was surprisingly effective! I could have fallen asleep during the treatment. She also used a laser on some areas, which caused no pain at all.
Today, four days after I first detected a sore throat, my symptoms are almost gone. One treatment might have prevented me from taking days off work. I can’t wait to see what Back to Balance can do for me now that I’m well! I’ll come back to update my long-term results, as I plan to see Donna regularly now.

Patrice O.

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