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Cosmetic Acupuncture Hot Or Not?

What is Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic acupuncture is the newest weapon in the anti-ageing war


Botox is so passé. Facial acupuncture is where it’s at! Cosmetic’ acupuncture is the latest weapon in the anti-ageing war, and a favorite among stars such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. These A-listers are past the first flush of youth.

Practitioners claim acupuncture can reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, lift sagging skin and improve skin color and texture. Its effects last for about three months, and it only takes about 45 minutes. This minor trauma improves blood flow and stimulates cell re-growth.

Acupuncturist put needles in at vortex points where energy is travelling to and from organs along lines they call meridians. When energy flows more efficiently, circulation is improved, helping the body rejuvenate.

Traumatizing the skin by inserting tiny needles will also encourage the production of healing collagen, the protein which the body uses to keep the skin youthful and elastic.

Is it really a facelift? The answer is an unequivocal no. Nor is it intended to replace a facelift. Cosmetic acupuncture entails no incisions, sutures or acid peels and it will not produce sudden, drastic changes in underlying structures. In fact, the American Cosmetic Acupuncture Association discourages the use of the term, “facelift” in connection with acupuncture, as this creates unrealistic expectations and, ultimately, disappointment. Remember, it took decades of stress, sun damage and exposure to environmental toxins for your skin to reach a state of crisis, and the damage will not be instantly undone. The remedy cosmetic acupuncture may offer is the reduction or erasure of fine lines and the softening of deeper ones. Additionally, patients may experience the firming of jowls and a reduction in the size of under-eye bags. It is not unusual for clients to report enhanced skin tone, increased energy and eyes that sparkle.Acupuncture Facial Rejuvination

But it doesn’t stop there. Since facial acupuncture is based on time-tested principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a person’s overall health may also benefit. Insomnia may be corrected and weight gain may be controlled. See or earlier blog post “Learn How Acupuncture Can Relieve Insomnia” Cosmetic acupuncture is, after all, a whole-body treatment. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine view, a person’s face is affected selectively by his or her internal organs. Facial features reflect organic strengths, and as internal organs are fortified, one’s face reflects the improvement. Besides addressing a patient’s condition holistically, the practitioner will probably work locally, inserting painless, ultra-fine needles into–and around–specific wrinkles, acu-points or muscle points, depending on the technique employed. Techniques can be Spartan or luxuriant, and practitioners will often incorporate herbal poultices, moisturizers, pulsed light or essential oils into a treatment. An imperceptible electrical current may also be passed among the needle.

So is cosmetic acupuncture hot or not? I would bet to say that it is hot! In fact I would also go as far to say that it is the latest and greatest treatment and is more and more recognized everyday. More and more Acupuncturist are now adding this to their services and are seeing a lot more women in the ages of 45-70 years. This beats going under the knife for a nip and a tuck! Just a few little tiny pricks of needles almost painless and out within  the hour. Recovery is none.

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